The clashes outcome in (the war against terrorism)

The ISIS terrorists launched an attack on our fighters’ locations in Hajin city and its surrounding areas, where they used all sorts of weapons, heavy and lights, but our forces resisted the attack and heavy clashes took place, many terrorists were killed and others were wounded as a result, while the rest fled away.

After the raid was failed, the terrorist organization targeted our fighters’ locations by rocket and Mortars shells, but it didn’t result any loss of our forces.

On other front-line of this axis, our fighters launched an attack on terrorists’ locations, heavy clashes occurred as an outcome. however, many terrorists were killed while our forces went forward and controlled new points as well.

In other side of this axis, our fighters went forward 2 KM, and controlled 20 new points, after heavy clashes with terrorists, the terrorist organization targeted our fighters points by heavy weapons and artillery shells, after most of the terrorists escaped

Meanwhile, the international coalition shelled the terrorists’ locations and points, casing them big lose.

After heavy clashes that continued for hours, in other frontline, where many terrorists were killed, our fighters achieved advanced steps and could control new points, however, this was coincided with the international airstrike on their locations that the terrorists shelled and shot our forces from.

On the other hand, the engineering military teams worked on demining the mines that were planted by terrorists in the area.

Many of the terrorists fled away while the rest got killed after an attack by our forces on terrorists’ locations, however, our forces could control 13 new points, so the terrorists targeted the new points that were controlled by our forces by BKC, mortars and doshka from far away. This was coincided with the international coalition airstrike on terrorists’ points.

The clashes of all the frontlines, in this axis, have been continuing till the moment of preparing this outcome.

Some of our fighters were wounded in different degrees, where they were transferred to the hospitals to receive treatment.

On 30 Dec 2018, our fighters captured 5 foreign terrorists’ members, from American, Irish and Pakistani nationalities.

 Here is the identity of the arrested terrorists:

  • Warn Christopher Clark, so called (Abu Muhammad Al-Amriki) from Houston state of the USA
  • Alexander Rosamatifitchm, from Doblin_ Ireland
  •   Zaid Abdul-Hamid, so called (Abu Zaid Al-Amriki) from USA
  • Fadel Al-Rahman Jad, so called (Abu Anaam Al-Muhajer), from Lahour city- Pakistan
  • Abdul-Azim Ratshot, so called (Abu Omer Al- Pakistani) from Sialkot city- Pakistan

The last outcome of the clashes:

  • The number of killed terrorists: 19
  • The terrorists loses: destroying terrorists locations: 49, destroying mortars locations:2, destroying Ammo stores: 2, destroying gas station: 1, destroying expulsion devices factory: 2, destroying Bulldozer: 1, destroying explosive car:1, destroying tunnel: 1.
  • The number of international coalition air raids: 59

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