HomemanshetThe clashes outcome in the war against terrorism.

The clashes outcome in the war against terrorism.

Our fighters launched an attack on terrorists locations in Al-Shafa city and its surrounding area, this led to heavy clashes, where many terrorists were killed and wounded, however, our fighters could control new points and go forward.

On other front-line of this axis, our fighters went forward 1 KM and controlled 17 new points, many terrorists were killed and wounded, however, this was coincided with the international coalition airstrike on their points.

On the other hand, our forces achieved advanced steps in other side of the same axis, controlling 12 new points, after the clashes that continued for many hours, many of terrorists were killed, moreover, this was coincided with the international airstrike on terrorists locations, many of their locations were destroyed as a result.

The terrorist organization launched opposite attack on our force’s locations, using all sort of heavy and light weapons, in addition to controlling planes, but our forces failed their attack and could fell one plane and kill many terrorists.

Meanwhile our forces urgently made a campaign and swept the area, they discovered a number of weapons and ammo that terrorists left behind, while the technical military engineering teams swept the area and demined the mines that were planted by the terrorists.

However, the separate clashes have been continuing in all the front-lines of this axis, till the time of reporting this outcome.

The last clashes’ outcome:

  • The killed terrorists: 15
  • The seized weapons by our forces: BKC: 1, Law weapon: 1, mines icons: 10, doska ammo stores: 4.

The terrorists lose: destroying terrorists’ locations: 20, destroying mines factory: 1, destroying explosive cars:2, destroying mortars artillery: 1, destroying mines stores :3 destroying spying jets.

The international coalition airstrike: 28

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