HomemanshetThe clashes outcome in (the war against terrorism)

The clashes outcome in (the war against terrorism)

Our fighters launched a massive attack on terrorists locations in Al-Shafa town and its surrounding areas, heavy clashes took place as a result. Many terrorists were killed and wounded , while the rest escaped, our fighters went forward 1.5 KM, controlling new 20 points, however, this was coincided with the international coalition airstrike on terrorists locations, big lose were left in their locations and equipment, but we couldn’t get the accurate info about that.

Meanwhile, on other frontline of this axis, heavy clashes occurred between our forces and terrorist member, many terrorists were killed, while our forces achieved advanced steps of 1 KM in addition to controlling 18 new points.

Heavy clashes occurred in other frontline of this axis, it continued for hours, many terrorist members were killed and our forces controlled 13 points, moreover our forces liberated hundreds of civilians who were besieged  in the areas that are under the control of the terrorist organization, and reached them to the liberated safe zones.

On the other hand, The engineering military teams demined the mines which were planted by the terrorists in the region.

However, many of our fighters were wounded in different degrees, so they were transferred to hospitals to receive treatment.

 The clashes’ last outcome:

  • Killed terrorists: 35
  • Terrorists lose: cutting military roads, used by terrorists: 11, destroying explosive cars: 2, destroying terrorists’ locations: 18, destroying doshka: 1, destroying military bridges: 3.
  • The international coalition airstrike: 3 raids

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