HomemanshetThe clashes outcome in the war against the terrorism

The clashes outcome in the war against the terrorism

Our fighters launched a massive attack on the tourist’s locations in Shafa town and its surrounding areas, heavy clashes took place as a result, led to kill of many terrorists, our fighters went forward 2 KM, however they controlled 24 new points, this was coincided with the international coalition airstrike.

On other frontline of this axis, heavy clashes occurred between our forces and the terrorist members, many terrorists were killed and wounded, meanwhile our forces went forward 1:5 KM, and controlled 35 new points, however the engineering military teams demined the planted mines by terrorists in the region.

Meanwhile other clashes occurred in other axis, continued for many hours, many terrorists were killed and wounded, while the rest escaped, our forced went forward 2km and controlled 14 new points. the international coalition made many raids on the terrorists’ locations, targeting their shielding locations and the points of launching shells and rockets.

 Some members of the terrorist organization launched an attack on our force’s locations in other frontline of this axis, using all sorts of light and heavy weapons, including the SPGNO rockets, and cars board with doushka, but our fighters resisted them, killing and wounding many of them.

Some of our fighters were lightly wounded, then they were transferred to hospitals to receive treatment.

Urgently, the military engineering teams swept the area from mines,

The separate clashes continued till the time of reporting this outcome.

During the clashes,  many of our fighters were honored by getting martyrs, while others were wounded.

The last clashes outcome:

Killed terrorists: 23

Terrorists lose: destroying terrorists locations: 18. Destroying mines factory: 1, mines location: 1, destroying heavy vehicle: 1, destroying fuel tank: 1.

The international coalition raids: 22

The number of wounded members of our fighters: 24

their injuries are different in degree, our martyrs number:6.

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