The clinic of Dashti Amanos is continuing offering its medical dental services

Al-Tabqa_ the administration of the Martyr Chav Rash hospital set up a new department of treating teeth 3 months ago in the clinic of Dashti Amanos, affiliated to the hospital.

The clinic is offering the protection, evaluation, diagnosing and non\surgical treatment to the patients, such as mouth cavity, dental installing in addition to the medical advice by surgical doctors, specialized in mouth surgery.

The doctor (Abdul-Latif Mustafa), the specialist in dentistry, emphasized that the clinic is receiving the patients on daily basis, where the number of fighters who received medical service is almost 300 fighters.

However, most of the cases that were treated were plastic fillings and gum treatment, after evaluating and diagnosing the disease, moreover, healing depends on patient case, taking into consideration other illness that patients suffer from, and that may affect their treatment.

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