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The Culture and Art committee….a step towards reliving the original heritage of Manbij

Since 15 Aug 2016, Mnbij Military Coucil could liberate Manbj from the terrorism of ISIS, where, the people of the city are engaging a tough war regarding improving the public and privet services of their city.

Since the liberation of the city by the hand of its male and female population, Manbij has started to be activated with life again, taking off the darkness of terrorism. As soon as it was liberated, it was honored with the establishment of the first civil Administration via both legislature and executive branches as well as social and justice commissions.

Manbij executive council has started its work since 12 March 2017, where it started rearranging and reorganizing people’s issues, where 13 committee was springing up from it, covering service, education, security cultural, art, economic, social, health and organizing services. The committees are as following:

municipalities, education, internal, art and culture, economy finance, social relation, social affairs and work, heath, youth and sport, woman, self-defense and Martyrs Families committees

Attracting talents and art experiences

The Culture and Art Committee in Manbij and its countryside was established in 21-3-2017. It has worked since its establishment in all cultural and art activities, raised the social awareness and established cultural and art centers. Moreover, the committee worked on supporting all creative members and artists and encouraged them, worked on gathering all the talents and experiences in all art aspects: (poems, singing, drawing, curving and plays), furthermore, it formed a central music band, included all Manbij components, many institutions were affiliated to it such as Culture and Art center, Plays and Art institution, Muhammad Malla Guzail bookshop, architecture institution of Manbij.

Cultural and Art Activities

Art and Culture Committee has started many diverse activities since its establishment, such as doing cultural lectures, setting archeology office in the committee headquarter, participating in the bookshop exhibition, opening an exhibition entitled with (from our production to relive the heritage”, participating in childhood festival in Kobani and making many poems poetry and cultural once such as (Manbij in the eyes of history).

Moreover, the committee made many courses for Arabic, folk dancing (Arabic, Charkas and Kurdish dancing), Arabic line, play music instruments courses (Bizq, guitar, Ued, nay and rhythm). However, there is a plan to do new course of abstract art.

Festivals, exhibitions and human resources development

The committee participated in the cultural festival which is specialized in women creativity in Qamishlo, where it included: (Poem, short stories, play texts, abstract art and handcraft work), where the book exhibition was set in city level, however, it participated in in Rojava exhibition under the title of (people art is the voice of Afrin resistance), it also participated in the second book exhibition, “we live by reading”, the committee also made abstract fair entitled ( light from Manbij), moreover, the second public literature office (Osman Sabri) was opened in Qamishlo, in addition to doing the first festival for singing, under the title of (life traits is inside you and the creativity is made by your hand),  moreover, many lectures were done about developing human resources, the committee participated in the short stories in Al-Jazeera district.

It worth mentioning that some activities that the committee supervised are providing wedding permits during 2018, giving theoretical lessons in the education institution and public and private academies.

Diverse art courses…preparing for Folk museum

  The future committee will work in many different activities such as setting training courses in many aspects of (plays, drawing, curving and singing), as well as preparing for the second book exhibition, introducing all archeological places that exist in Manbij and preparing a special exhibition for it, preparing a folk museum in the city center, preparing a place for receiving guests nearby  Najm castle also preparing for huge play project entitled (Hira Police).

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