The culture and art committee in Al-Tabqa made singing party

Al-Tabqa_ under the motto (let’s be one voice against terrorism, let’s sing for freedom), The Culture and Art Committee organized a singing party, exhibited by ( Durra Al-Furat), however, many culture members, representatives of Democratic Civil Administration and artists attended the party in Al-Tabqa city.

Iman Al-Khalaf, the co-chair of the culture center of Al-Tabqa city welcomed the attendees and made the introduction speech, where she said: we started our art message from the cultural center after we offered many abstract art works, we want to send our massage via this party to the world that Syria is the civilizations and art home, it represents the diversity of world.

Many folk songs that represents all Syrian regions were exhibited.

The party was ended with awarding all the supervisors by the Democratic Civil Administration of Al-Tabqa city.

SDF-Media center

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