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The economy committee in Manbij….developing projects towards activating the social economy.

Since 15 Aug 2016, Mnbij Military Coucil could liberate Manbj from the terrorism of ISIS, where, the people of the city are engaging a tough war regarding improving the public and privet services of their city.

Since the liberation of the city by the hand of its male and female population, Manbij has started to be activated with life again, taking off the darkness of terrorism. As soon as it was liberated, it was honored with the establishment of the first civil Administration via both legislature and executive branches as well as social and justice commissions.

Manbij executive council has started its work since 12 March 2017, where it started rearranging and reorganizing people’s issues, where 13 committee was springing up from it, covering service, education, security cultural, art, economic, social, health and organizing services. The committees are as following:

municipalities, education, internal, art and culture, economy finance, social relation, social affairs and work, heath, youth and sport, woman, self-defense and Martyrs Families committees..

Agricultural and industrial cooperatives…work opportunities for city people.

The economic committee is the most important committee affiliated to the executive council in Manbij city, it started its field missions in April 2017, before its formal declaration since 2016 before liberating the city.

Many institutions are affiliated to it: the company of developing the agricultural society (animals feeding), the general administration for bakeries, agricultural institution, trade and industrial office, the office of trade relations (cross border points), the livestock institution, forests office, the institution of seeds, however, administrative and organizational staff that consist of 220 members who are distributed on all the institutions and centers affiliated to the committee, the committee is supervising all the cooperatives, Mal for marketing, vet and agricultural pharmacy, industrial cooperatives (generators), mill cooperative, hen house and agricultural land (olive and pistachio).

However, the cooperatives included agricultural committee with stock of (189) costs 50 thousand for each stock, Mall with stock of 152 thousand costs 50 thousand for each stock, the generator cooperative with 10 thousands stocks costs 1600 dollar for each stock, martyrs families cooperative with 32 stocks costs 10000 sy for each stock and mill cooperative with 57 stocks each stock costs 1000 dollar for each stock.

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