The emergency teams and ambulance in Raqqa city

Raqqa_ the emergency teams, affiliated to the internal security forces in Raqqa city, made great efforts to help civilians and protect them from catastrophes, via offering first aid, dealing with the emergency states such as injuries, heart attacks and prioritizing the emergency services and heath care for the patients who are exposed to accidents and emergency statues before reaching hospital.

However, The emergency teams are working in extinguishing fires and transferring wounded people during the terrorist bombs and natural disasters, offering first emergency aid to the wounded cases and survive them, however the emergency teams and ambulances are working with full efforts, ability and skills on helping civilians from transportation accidents, bombs and taking them out of the rubble of destroyed constructions or floods.

The emergency employee (Ommar Muhammad Walid) clarified, in a short speech, his team work where he said: ( as the emergency and ambulance teams, affiliated to the internal security forces in Raqqa city, we work 24 hours to offer treatment and services to civilians and soldiers, providing first aid and how to deal with bombs, fires, floods and natural disasters, moreover, the mechanism of receiving the complaints and relief appeals by the causalities, and respond as fast as possible to their demand, our goal is humanitarian, where we work on protecting civilians’ life and safety in Raqqa city

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