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The martyr Ismael Al-Khalil, a year after martyrhood

Raqqa_ as a memorization by SDF Media center of the martyr journalist (Ismael Al-Khalil), many mainstream media directions, working in Raqqa, were invited to participate in a memorization ceremony in Abi Tammam School, where many speeches were made introducing the role and duties of the martyr (Ismael Khalil), in the annual memory of his martyrhood that occurred because of mine explosion during photographing one school.

Many civil and military institutions attended the ceremony such as Women council, Martyrs Families Institution, Special needs Office and formal and informal media press stations.

The memorization ceremony started with standing a silent minute as appreciation for martyrs soul, then it was followed with many speeches including the speech of Ahmad Al-Hasan, journalist of  SDF media center, who explained the martyr’s positions towards his home and people, saying: “he was an example of the polite man who represented the democracy message in a right way that enhance people fraternity and co-existence”.

Al-Hasan ended his speech and said: ” the hero martyr will remain alive in our hearts, his blood won’t go in vain, we, all, will follow the martyrs’ trace”.

Issa Al-Sheik, the member of Special needs Office made a speech and said: ” Martyrs sacrificed with themselves for us, so it’s our duty not to lose their blood in vain, we have to be loyal to their families and them, keeping in mind their special need relatives, because they are the dead alive people who suffer from inferiority and lonely feeling.

Th ceremony was ended with raising the Martyr photos and talking with Abi Tammam, school’s students, urging them to study hard continuing what Martyr “Ismael Al-Khalil” started.

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