The military training of the Martyr Ahmad Al-Sattam course.

Al-Tabqa_ 264 fighters, affiliated to the martyr Ahmad Al-Sattam course, are continuing their military training, however, the training will continue for 45 days on different types of light and heavy weapons, how to fragment and reinstall them in addition to receiving lessons and martial art training.

The fighters are receiving the training on using Kalashnikov, BKC, RBJ weapons, how to fragment, install and use them,  moreover, the fighters got trained on shooting, however, they receive theoretical and practical lessons on martial arts and how to treat the difficult circumstances in sensitive and accurate way.

Ciwan Sari-Kanye, the trainer of the Martyr Jumma Al-Nazzal talked about the training  that fighters receive: (we train the fighters on all the sorts of weapons, and we train them on martial arts , fast intervention, how to engage battles and how to treat the risks that they face.

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