The municipalities committee in Manbij…. a year of achievements.

Since 15 Aug 2016, Mnbij Military Coucil could liberate Manbj from the terrorism of ISIS, where, the people of the city are engaging a tough war regarding improving the public and privet services of their city.

Since the liberation of the city by the hand of its male and female population, Manbij has started to be activated with life again, taking off the darkness of terrorism. As soon as it was liberated, it was honored with the establishment of the first civil Administration via both legislature and executive branches as well as social and justice commissions.

Manbij executive council has started its work since 12 March 2017, where it started rearranging and reorganizing people’s issues, where 13 committee was springing up from it, covering service, education, security cultural, art, economic, social, health and organizing services. The committees are as following:

municipalities, education, internal, art and culture, economy finance, social relation, social affairs and work, heath, youth and sport, woman, self-defense and Martyrs Families committees.

These committees did unpresented services to help people.

People Municipality is considered from the most important and active committees, where it is affiliated to the Executive council, it started its field work in May 2017, however, it created many sub-branches in the level of the countryside area as a step to extend it service frame, where it divided the countryside into 4 sectors managed by 5 municipalities as following:

 (Al-Haya) municipalities in the northern sector of the city, (Hajar Kabir) and (Til Hozan) in the southern sector, Abu Qalqal  in the eastern sector and (Al-Farat) in the western sector, however, each of them is serving many villages in the sector that they are affiliated to.

However, each committee is affiliated by 810 employees, labors and technical members, where they are distributed to many centers, branches and departments as following: People Municipality in Manbij and its branches in the countryside of the city, electricity company, water institution, the Garage, fuel, transportation, construction, supplying and Gas office, where their issues get organized by many internal offices such as:

 the technical legal office, the municipality police, the environment office, the monitoring office, the media; life and finance, women, information and SAI as well as the cho-chair office and deputies.

Achievements despite challenges.

The people municipalities have worked  during 2018 on implementing many projects since its establishment in May 2017, where it set up both (Al-Haya) and (Maqtaa Hajarja) municipalities in the countryside of Manbij aiming to extend its activity to improve the service situation in the countryside, moreover, it worked on repairing the arch of the Tishreen Dam in addition to repairing many bridges in the countryside of Manbij after doing accurate studies by the committee’s technicians. The municipality in Manbij also worked on offering intensive services by its actors as following:

   Rehabilitating many roads, squares and streets of Manbij city and its countryside, mainly asphalting the road of (Al-Shiek Yehya) which is 20 KM, Asphalting the250 M road alongside Jarablus bridge, where the amount of the asphalt concrete during 2018 was 5500 KM2, maintaining the middle squares in the city, maintaining (Wadi Al-Surb) road which costed 13 million sy As well as implementing the sewage of many neighborhoods of Manbij, mainly (Al-jaysh Al-Shabee) in Al-Hazawna and Al-Assaf neighborhood, however the sewage net longitude in 2018 was 5000 m, plus, it worked on rehabilitating, cleaning the gardens beside starting the campaign of planting trees inside the city.

Service projects costed 1 billion and quarter SY. P.

Manbij electricity company implemented many projects in the city and its countryside, the most important projects are: bringing a cut cable \300\ which is feeding whole Mabij city and its countryside, it costed 35 million sy, p, extending a cables of 24 Ampere in many neighborhoods of the city represented by Al- Nawaha road and Al-Asadya neighborhood, it worked also on replacing the damaged electricity generators with new high capacity once.

The water institution implemented many projects represented by preparing the laboratory of the institution with needed facilities with cost of 30 million, also implementing the project of extending the neighborhood water net of the eastern part, with cost of 29 million SY.p

The expenses and cost of the municipalities committees and other sub- offices and branches affiliated to them inside the city and its countryside during 2018 reached: 1, 260,653322) sy.

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