The people municipality’s activities in Raqqa

The people municipality is continuing offering services to the citizens via its committees, since it is considered the main vein to retun the safety and security to Raqqa city, especially most of the services were decreased in the region. After a year of dedicating work, many achievements occurred in a short period such as setting up roads, bakeries, removing rubbles, rehabilitating water net system, sewage system and maintaining roads, parks and roundabouts.

During the meeting with the deputy of the co-chair of people municipality Ibrahim Al-Rasheed, said: we started working in these days in the municipality, we were a small group, we started working at the time where there is lack of all services such as water, electricity and bread.

 The first steps were returning water to the city, however we could repair 60% of damages in the net via simple tools, second step was providing the citizens with bread, where the bakeries were provided with the flour and diesel allocations, 36 bakeries were set in the city in addition to 26 bakeries in the countryside and 17 bakeries in the Al-Karamya suburb while the advanced bakeries were 29.

Regarding heath sector, heath institution was set up and fumigation was airbrushed all over the neighborhoods, protecting civilians from diseases that caused by environmental pollution, when it comes to markets, the butcher shop was activated due to misuse of slaughtering in the restaurants and shops, where a staff from vets were allocated to monitor and test the slaughtering in required way, where the percentage of slaughtered cattle are 90 per day.

   Regarding the supply department, its task is to monitor the shops, retrieve the city in a right way and determine the profits due to the chaos that is going on in the city, the corrupted dealers were followed and punished after the expired commodities were expropriated and damaged.

 Regarding transportation institution, 4 garages were activated and retrieved in a right way as following: (the southern garage which is allocated for transporting the passengers from the city to the western countryside of Al-Tabqa city reaching Al-Tabqa city, the northern garage that covers the northern road till Manbej city, eastern Garage, it covers the eastern countryside completely reaching Jazrat Bu-Humaid in Dair Al-Zor, in addition to Bolman Garage that covers the commutation to all the Syrian cities).

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