The self-administration handed over the arrested Kazakhstani ISIS members to their country

The democratic self-administration in north east of Syria, with the attendance of SDF commanders, handed over 5 terrorists, 11 women and 30 children of ISIS arrested members who have Kazakhstani nationality to their country’s government, the process took place via USA mediation, they were send to their home.

Few month ago, during a meeting between SDF and Kazakhstani anti-terrorism forces in north east of Syria, an agreement was held to overhand the arrested Kazakhstani causalities who participated in ISIS terrorist organization, and who are arrested by SDF, to their country’s government, the meeting included the discussion about the mechanism of transferring them home as well as the cooperation between the two sides to encounter the terrorism.

 However, the reason that made the overhanding of those people late was technical reasons, however, the agreement was applied on 5 Jan 2019, where they were formally overhanded to their country with American mediation.

It worth mentioning that the Self-Administration in North east of Syria signed on a formal Protocol with Kazakhstani government that it handed over 5 terrorists, 11 women and 30 children.

SDF-Media center.

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