The underway work in cleaning 34 schools

Raqqa_ “People Municipality” launched a campaign to clean 34 of rehabilitated schools that received students since the beginning of last year, based on the principal ( science is society’s responsibility).

From his side, Nuri Al-Hallaq, the field monitor in the hygiene committee clarified that their project aim to remove rubble, burnt cars and rubble stocked in Raqqa schools, in addition to cleaning the classes to be suitably usable by students.

“Al-Hallaq” mentioned that the cleaning process has covered 5 schools so far as following: (Al-Khawarzmy, Al-Rafiqa, Al-Buhtry, Al-Razi and Omer Ibn Abdul-Azeez).

The main goal of these campaigns is to enhance the responsibility sense by the students and other civilians in order to maintain their schools and raise the education in a clean environment which is far from wars.

It worth mentioning that “People Municipality” In Raqqa has awarded the distinguish students in Raqqa, as a supportive step for city’s students, highlighting the project of cleaning these schools.

SDF-Media center

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