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Our forces, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) since its establishment until now, have made every effort in the framework of the task of fighting ISIS terrorism, and other radical terrorist organizations, and we have achieved great successes in this difficult task. By working and coordinating with our partners in the US-led international coalition

Now, and as always, the task of protecting all components of north and north-east of Syria has always been one of our main tasks. We are almost certain that our region is the only region in which all the components of Syria coexist.We did not pose any external threat against any neighboring countries, especially Turkey, which we look forward and hope to reach understandings and solutions with them to ensure the continuation of stability and security in the border areas with them.

As Syrian Democratic Forces, we will provide all necessary support and assistance to form the safe zone that is being circulated in North and North-East Syria, ensuring that all ethnicities and races are protected against the dangers of genocide. With International guarantees, affirming the protection of the components of the area and ensuring safety and stability in it, and ensures the prevention of external interference.

General Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces

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