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Training course for Al-Tabqa town.

Al-Tabqa_ the education commission started a training course for male-female teachers who didn’t join the training that was conducted by the committee in 2018.

However, 230 teachers are receiving lessons of teaching curriculum and the mechanism of dealing with students as well as facilitating the ideas to reach students.

Meanwhile, Ahmad Al-Abo the co-chair of the general administration of schools, in the education commission in Al-Tabqa talked about the course and said:

” Yesterday, on Sunday, teachers training course started in Al-Tabqa and its countryside, it continued for 12 days, where both female and male teachers learnt basics of teaching”.

However, teachers were distributed on two schools, Al-Qadsya and Fayz Al-Mansour schools, where each school was divided into 5 class rooms, moreover, the concentration will be on practical lessons more the theoretical once.

“The main goal of training Is to train teachers on the new curriculum and self-teaching in Al-Tabqa”  Al-Abo added

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