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Vegetable Market “taste, color and smell”

Raqqa_ (vegetable market) is the second biggest market center for selling fruits, vegetables and meat in Raqqa City.

However, its location is strategic for people, as it is located at the beginning of Til Abyad street (the main Market in the city), it is nearby Dalla roundabout or so called (Vegetable roundabout).

This market belongs to the 80th of the last centuries, where it is designed on Al-Hamidya model in Damascus city, where the internal shops (nearly 50 shops) are covered by a roof made by zinc, alongside 50 M, it has two northern and southern sub-streets.

The shops owners are exposing their vegetables and fruits for selling, where their prices are not so different than al-Hal market.

“Vegetable Market” is crowded by Raqqa people who are used to buy vegetables on daily basis, where most vegetables are produced from Raqqa city. Al-Kasrat region,  in the countryside of Raqqa city, is well-known by  vegetable planting, and it provides Al-Hal market with 40% of vegetables.

It worth mentioning that (Vegetables market) was rehabilitated and built by the Raqqa people’s efforts, however, it is considered the first center that was built and rehabilitated after the War.

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