Verification tour on fighters’ families in Al-Tabqa.

Al-Tabqa_ on Wednesday, the Office of Fighters’ Families, affiliated to SDF, made a visit to the fighters families in Al-Rasheed village to check their situation.

The visits came to solve the problems that fighters families suffer from, however, they assured the families about the stability in security situation in the region, as well as the role that SDF play in spreading safety and in fighting the terrorism as well.

Hasan Husain Al-Ahmad, the member of fighters office, talked about the visits and tours where he said: (we do our visits to fighters relatives to solve their problems, however,  we visited 20 families during this week in the villages of “Hadaj, Mahmoudly, Al-Rasheed and Abu Bakir”, we solved some of their problems whether they are civil, military or financial problems).

The main reason of these visits is to provide moralistic support to the civilians and explaining the situation of SDF fighters.

The fighters expressed on their gratitude for that visit and for the role that SDF plays.

SDF-Media Center.

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