Watchful eyes are the compass of Raqqa’s safety.

Raqqa_ the internal security forces are enhancing the safety and stabilization in the Raqqa city via organizing and facilitating the security patrols and spreading the check points inside Raqqa city.

The internal security patrols spread on the entering and exiting gates of the city as well as main streets that link the regions together to insure safety and keep civilians safe and respond to the complaints of the civilians who report about anyone who destabilize the security and spread chaos.

   The internal security patrols are intensifying their missions at night in the streets of Raqqa city and installing check points, to avoid anyone from violating the security of the city also to maintain the private and public properties and people’s safety.

One of the internal Security patrols members, Amin Muhammad, said: (we as internal security forces activate our security patrols for 24 hours in the city, to maintain the security and protect the civilians from any violator who wants to destabilize the security, however, the security forces are keeping watchful eyes on citizens’ safety.

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