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Youth and Sport committee in Manbij… going towards sport generation and organized society.

Since 15 Aug 2016, Manbij military council could liberate the Manbij city from terrorism of ISIS, however, civilians are engaging a tough war to improve the public and private institutions of their city

As soon as the city was liberated by the hand of Mabij people, life brought back again to the city, it was honored with the establishment of first civil administration via legislature and executive councils and social justice commissions.

The executive council started its work in 12 March 2017, it started with rearranging and organizing people issue, via 13 committees, to cover all life aspects including service, education, heath, security, cultural, art, economic, heath and organizing aspects. The committees are: municipalities, education, internal, culture and art, economy, finance, social relations, social affairs and work, heath, youth and sport, woman, self-defense and martyrs’ families committees.

Organizing youth and developing talents.

Youth and Sport committee was established in 12\3\2017, as one of the committees affiliated to the executive council of the Democratic Self Administration in Manbij and its countryside, however, it works on organizing youth issues and grow the sport ability in order to engage society strongly  via many centers affiliated to it as following: the Martyr Rasul Khallo center, the general youth center, Sport Union- which include an academy to discover talents-Democratic students movement, Young Woman Council, Youth studio in the Culture and  Art center, where it it prepared and recorded 10 revolutionary songs about martyrs, Manbij Military council and Youth, the academy of Hozan Jan that has graduated 14 thinking  and practical training so far and the academy oF Rojda Amara that graduated 5 rounds till the moment.

The committee is managed by many holes, playing grounds and other sport areas such as Al-Sudasi playground for football (inside 15 Aug institution), it is the only project that was established after liberating the city,  in addition to sort halls (individual Games halls that train on karate, Tyquando, lifting weights, body strength, chess, Tawla game, the common sport game that include basketball and volleyball) in addition to the public playground for football.

Rehabilitating the sport areas after war years.

The committee of Youth and Sport, since its establishment is working on repairing the sport institutions ad areas, since it was destroyed after the hostility actions, by the terrorists of ISIS, where the repairing cost of the destroyed areas reaches: 100 million sy. The committee worked on organizing sport championship for football, volleyball, basketball and chess on the north east of Syrian level after finishing the rehabilitation of the sport areas and institutions, moreover, it worked on arranging many championship and rounds in Euphrates district level, and on the level of the city, it also arranged a match for the committees, affiliated to the city and countryside’s committee,  inside the Al-Sudasi playground, (the condition is that each team should include 6 players , and 5 goal keepers). The committee worked on organizing championships on schools’ level for football and chess, the committee, the committee worked in organizing women volleyball team.

Scientific course for Youth

the number of the active staff within the committee and affiliated centers all over the city and its countryside is around 400 persons, the committee currently is planning to prepare the infrastructure for Al-Baladi playground, moreover (The Democratic Students movement) is working on preparing courses for the inter-mediate and secondary schools, where 5 nursing courses were finished after 3 months,  the committee is working also on organizing all the demonstrations in the city and its countryside.

The committee organized 3 campaigns of volunteering with blood for the thalassemea patients, in addition to installing a tent for protest for 3 days during the Turkish threatening on north and east of Syria.

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