The clashes outcome in (the war against terrorism)

Our fighters could make a big loss for the terrorists in equipment and soul during the battles that they engage in the last enclave of ISIS in the countryside of Dair Al-Zor.

During the sweeping operations, our fighters seized ammo store that contained 25 boxes of Douska bullets (12.5)m, 40 boxes of Doshka weapon bullets (14.5) m, 3 devices of Aspinjo in addition to 3 bases of mortars artillery.

Our fighters liberated dozens of families via opening a safe corridor for them, insuring their exit to safe zones and provided them with the first needed facilities.

The battles’ last outcome is as following:

The international coalition aircraft implemented 12 airstrike on terrorist locations, however, the raids destroyed the following:

  •  A truck used by the terrorists to transfer ammo and supply as well as an artillery weapon that was used to bomb our fighters locations, 2 commanding headquarters, 1 tunnel, 4 warehouses of terrorists’ vehicles, as well as cutting 3 roads used by terrorists for transportation, reaching supplies and ammo to battle fields.

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