People Municipality select 8 guards during a competition

Raqqa_ On Sunday, People municipality made a test of many youth in Raqqa to be employed as permanent guards.

However, this test came as a part of many competitions that it did previously such as cleaning, guarding, driving …etc.

Asad Bazo, the head of Protection committee in Raqqa City, talked to us about the competition where he said: the competitors’ number is 25, where their names were raised to the committee of work and social affairs.

Meanwhile, 8 youth succeed in the test, where they know how to install and fragment the weapon, they will be appointed in the points and institutions of People Municipality.

Bazo added that the work conditions are that the submitted people should be less than 35 years old, be from Raqqa city and work inside the administrative borders of People Municipality Of Raqqa.

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