4560 disability cases need assistance in Raqqa

Raqqa_ Special Needs Office in Raqqa Civil Council is offering its services to the people who need aid and moralistic support offered  by the humanitarian organizations.

Issa Al-Sheik, the member of special needs office, clarified that the registered cases are 4560 cases, from different kinds of disability: optic, hearing and war victims.

Al-Sheik added that the disability cards were distributed to the special need cases, however, the cards have 2 sorts: optic and hearing disability as well as cards for the war victims such as amputation..etc.

However, the wounded cases are 1300, most of them are children.

Al-Sheik mentioned that the required documents are 2 portraits and a copy of personal ID or what can represent it, in addition to medical reports then the disables receive disability cards.

Al-Sheik raised an appeal to the humanitarian organizations and concerned directions to offer the needed support to the special need cases in order to be active members in society and participate in raising and flourishing it.

SDF-Media Center.


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