46700 students returned to their studying in Al-Tabqa

Al-Tabqa_ On Sunday 3-2-2019, Al-Tabqa and its countryside’s students returned to their schools after the seasonal holiday that continued for 2 weeks.

The returning process to the schools was coincided with the end of the educational training that teachers passed as they didn’t receive training before.

Hanano Khalifa, the deputy of co-chair of the education committee, emphasized setting up 290 schools, the joining of 1948 teachers and 46700 students who were distributed on Al-Tabqa and its countryside.

Meanwhile, the committee distributed the school certificate to the speakers in order to be distributed to the students in the next coming 2 days to know their scores in the first educational midterm.

Khalifa wished that the second mid-term to be stable and full of success and advantage for all the students.

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