6000 plants are prepared to be planted in Al-Tabqa

Al-Tabqa, the environment committee in the People Municipality of Al-Tabqa is preparing for  planting 6000 various plant such as olive, blueberry, pomegranate and various flowers in addition to preparing other gardens and middle squares in the city.

The Tree Arboretum of People Municipality is producing forest plants and fruit trees in order to be planted in gardens, where the plants are divers including decorating trees and fruit trees as well.

Jamal Abdul-Latif, the head of Environment section in People Municipality in Al-Tabqa, talked to us where he said: The Arboretum was established for almost 1 year, where we plant many trees and flowers, however, currently it has 1500 plant, 6000 of them are ready to be planted while 9000 are getting instilled.

Moreover, He pointed that plants are getting planted the plastic houses since it can’t resist cold weather and frost waves, he added that as soon as cold waves finished, the planting process will be resumed in many areas of ASl-Tabqa.

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