9000 hens in the Abu Kueb henhouses

Al-Tabqa_ the economic committee provided Abu Kueb henhouses with 9000 hens after completing the preparation process that continued for 8 months.

However, the goal of activating henhouses is to provide the local markets with egg material and control the prices in the markets as well.

The supervisor of Abu Kueb henhouses, Khalaf Zeydan Al-Ali, said: the project represents a useful step for society that need such projects to develop and raise the economic situation of the society.

This step is a part of many efforts that the economic committee does to improve the economic situation in Al-Tabqa Situation.

However, he added that the henhouses consume 1100 KG of the feeding as well as medicine and hiring labors to work in the henhouses on daily basis, however, there is a study to extend the project in this location.

The hens’ age is 4 months, it will start producing egg material during the coming two weeks.

SDF-Media Center.


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