A brief on a fighter life

The fighter (Abdullah Subhi Al-Bazakh), from the village of Abu Hammam, in the countryside of Dair Al-Zor, was working as a driver in his village before escaping with the remained members of his family to Al-Tabqa region.

However, Two of his brothers were killed by the mercenaries of ISIS terrorist organization with many civilians of his village, after accusing them with bigotry, however, Abdullah left his village as a result of bad treating to the village people, with hope of return after liberating the village.

Abdullah joined to SDF in 10-8-2016, where received military training at Al-Shuyukh village, where he engaged his first battle against ISIS mercenaries in the Raqqa countryside then in the neighborhoods of Raqqa, where he witnessed tough battles and was injured partly in his legs.

After liberating Raqqa, Abdullah moved to Al-Tabqa city where he completed his military training and cultural lessons, joining many battles, last one was the liberation of the countryside of Dair Al-Zor, within the campaign of Al-Jazeera Storm.

The fighter Abdullah says:

” I joined SDF to protect my people, defend my home and getting them rid of injustice, I will keep going on this road, that many of my comrades and relatives passed away in order to bring the freedom and dignity again to home”.

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