A campaign of encountering Leishmania disease in Hasaka

Al-Hasaka_ the heath association, via some health points, started a treating and awareness sessions as an attempt to put limits for leishmania or so-called (Aleppo acne) or a (Year Acne) in Al-Hasakah district, where the disease is caused by the a fly called (Fly of the sand) or (female mosquito).

Muhammad Saed Al-Abdulla, the manager of the heath point of Al-Kalasa neighborhood, made clear that leishmania gets spread in the polluted environment that have marshes, where flies bear the virous, causing a big pimple that let a promontory in the skin.

However, it gets treated by a vaccination called (Blokantine) or (Pontostam), which is encountering this disease, however, at the beginning, there should be a determination that that the vaccination will be on muscle or on the topical.

If the pimple need topical vaccination, then it doesn’t represent a risk on the person’s life, but it need care and injection to avoid the disease from being spread or being aggravated.

Al-Abdulla added that the treatment takes many stages for 4 or 5 weeks, then it retreated spontaneously but it leaves a small promontory,  while, if the vaccination need on muscle, it will need many analysis (Diabetes, Liver, ECG, Kidney) to make sure whether the patient has other chronic diseases, then it gets injected as required.

Al-Abdullah emphasized that many cases got healed in last period, its number reached to more than 60 case.

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