A fighter from my home

“Ways Omer Abdo”, from Raqqa city, is 22 years old, he belongs to a simple dedicator family, however, he worked at one restaurant in Raqqa city before joining SDF at the beginning of 2016, moreover, he passed political, military  and cultural courses in the academy of the martyr (Faisel Abu Layla).

Al-Abdo participated in the Euphrates Anger battle to liberate Raqqa city and its countryside and also participated in the campaign of Al-Jazeera Storm to help our people in Dair Al-Zor.

Al-Bdo suffered the same that most of Syrian people Suffered from the ISIS terrorists behavior, where he felt the same pain that they felt, therefore he promised himself to fight each one practiced terrorism on civilians, then he joined SDF and fought with them under their motto, he clarified saying: (I joined after one ISIS member faced me and accused me with feudalism and being spy, however, this event led into disputation and fight between us, so I was arrested and jugged with death penalty, finally I could escape via one prisonee man to Mabij city).

Meanwhile, he memorized the liberation of Al-Nazla Shahada Neighborhood during his speech about the battles that he engaged with his comrades, where one point was besieged, where he added: when battles were tough, Some members of ISIS terrorist organization leaked into one point and could besiege it, at that time I moved with some of our comrades to break the besiege that continued for hours, however, we could eliminate all the leaked members into the point.

At the end of his speech, Al-Abdo promised to protect all the achievements of SDF and stand against all the conspiracies that aim to finish these gains.

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