Arresting 3 foreign terrorists in the countryside of Hajin

Our forces are still going on to complete its campaign to finish ISIS terrorist organization in the countryside of Dair Al-Zor, aiming to liberate people from the terrorism. However, the terrorist organization of ISIS attempt to reorganize itself and leak into back front-lines and activating the hidden terrorist groups as an reaction of SDF advances, meanwhile our forces work on  many different levels including implementing accurate security missions based on the available data and information, it also arrests many terrorist members and fail their criminal plans.

Our forces implemented two special operations Based on available information and follow up on 25-jan \1 feb 2019, where they arrested 3 foreign terrorists, so-called immigrants within ISIS terrorist organization, the terrorists are:

  Husain Fardid, known as: Abu-Al-Waleed Al-Musri, belongs to Egyptian nationality.

 Salem Al-Shamarani, known as Abu Zubair Al-Janoubi, belongs to Saudi Arabian nationality.

Marten Limiki, known as Abu Zakaria Al-Almani, Known as German Nationality.

As Al-Jazeera Storm Campaign get close to an end, we will continue following the terrorists and their hidden groups via arresting, moreover, we will aware the public opinion about all the details related to those terrorists.

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