Awareness meetings and interviews in Al-Tabqa

Al-Tabqa_ On Monday, the public relations office in coordination with tribal reconciliation council in held a meeting with the tribal leaders and notable family members at Al-Mansura town in Al-Tabqa city.

This meeting comes within a series of awareness meetings and interviews that will be held in all the areas of Al-Tabqa, starting From Al-Mansoura town.

The meeting started with discussing the recent events that Al-Mansura town witnessed, where that events led to destroying many public and private properties, such as destroying electric cables as well as burning some security cars and some formal documents.

Omid Gabar, the member of the public relations office, urged on avoiding the actions that lead to violation and destroy the public and private properties, pointing that it may affect badly on civilians life, he emphasized on the necessity that each individual does his duty towards his family and society far away from radical ideas and violation, this won’t be done unless all society members agree on the necessity of protecting society from all risks that threat it internally and externally.

The meeting was ended with agreement by the attendees about holding awareness sessions to the civilians to maintain the society security and each society member to hold his responsibility towards his home, as well as solving all the disputations between the components in peaceful and legal way that don’t expose society safety to any kind of violation.

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