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Center for the installation of prostheses

Al-Raqqa – “Hopemakers” continues its work in providing free medical assistance to residents of the city of Al-Raqqa and its countryside after establishing a center for prosthetics and physical therapy

The Center receives cases of amputation of all kinds, in addition to the rehabilitation of neurological cases for children and the elderly, through physical treatment for them, performed by doctors, specialists and volunteers periodically and repeatedly.

Approximately 300 cases of amputation and physical treatment have been received since the announcement of the opening of this center a month ago, and are currently working on providing the artificial parts to them. The Center also works on small surgeries for those who need amputation, as well as war injuries to the limbs.However, the working members of the center raised an appeal to all humanitarian and international organizations to provide even a small part of the support needed for those injured, who are in desperate need of those who support them and consider them alive martyrs who should be alleviated even in a very simple manner.

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