Cultural and political courses under the motto of (patriotism) in Raqqa

Raqqa_ the training office made rehabilitation courses for teachers for 30 days, in the academy of literature and human science in Raqqa, however, the course was welcomed by the attendees.

Hazim Idris, the member of the training office, affiliated to Education Committee in Raqqa Civil Council, clarified that the courses are political and cultural and hold motto of “Patriotism” in order to recognize the importance of our role in this home, as well as, knowing the concept of loving home in a right way.

Idris Added that the attendees interacted with asking many questions to the educational staff, showing their point of views and comments that enhance the loving home concept, however, these questions were answered in obvious transparent way.

It worth mentioning that lessons are given each Saturday, not to affect the educational process.

SDF-Media Center.

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