Dair Al-Zor Civil Council since its establishment

News Center_ Dair Al-Zor, is considered from the most important city in the eastern side of Syria and the second largest province in population number and geographical sequare, it was controlled by ISIS in 2014, where ISIS now is about to be finished after SDF has liberated it nearly in a complete way, that was coincided with the return of life gradually to the city throughout the establishment of councils, committees and rehabilitating the infrastructure.

The first steps of the liberation…forming the councils and committees

Dair Al-Zor Civil council, from all the city components, in 24-9-2017, However, the councils and committees started working on returning life to it from that time, despite the limited resources.

On 1-3-2018, Dair Al-Zor Civil Council, legislature and executive councils were reformed in addition to 12 committees in the council of (Services, Economy, Education, internal defense and other committees).

The dedicating work to rehabilitate the infrastructure with limited resources

The eastern and western countryside of Dair Al-Zor have more than 34 water stations. Most of them were destroyed during the battles that they witnessed, however, the local council in coordination with the committees could rehabilitate and maintain many stations, accessing water to all the areas of the eastern and western countryside of Dair Al-Zor.

After opening the main and sub streets between the neighborhoods, via removing rubble, the council started coordinating with the heath committee via setting 3 hospitals in the eastern and western countryside (Al-Kusra, Jadeed and Al-Busayra), in addition to setting more than 16 health centers, providing medicine for free and offering free vaccination to children, however, all of that were done with weak ability.

Meanwhile, the destroyed bakeries were repaired to work again, then they were provided with flour with acceptable prices in addition to a working staff, supervised by services committee.

The education committee started repairing schools and rehabilitating them, however, 465 schools were set, where the number of students reached 164000, moreover, the education committee provided work opportunity to the educational staff, their number is more than 5000 male and female teachers.

Regarding agriculture, 80% of the population are working in agriculture, that is why the council supported it, via many agricultural associations, in addition to rehabilitating the irrigation project (Al-Sabha- Rise) that water 100000 D of the agricultural land.

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