Distributing 2400 food baskets in Al-Tuyhinya Camp

Al-Tabqa_ Al-Mawada association distributed 2400 food baskets to the population of Al-Twayhinya camp in Al-Tabqa countryside, where the number of families are 2400, most of them are from the countrysides’ of Homs, Hama, eastern area of Aleppo and Dair Al-Zor.

Midya Abdul-Rahman, the member of Al-Mawada association and responsible for distribution process, clarified that the process is taking place on continues monthly basis, where each basket contains some of the food items in addition to emergency basket.

Midya added: ” we are working on preparing second health point in Al-Twayhinya camp to offer medical treatment for people and decrease suffer.

However, Al-Tabqa Civil Council is working on preparing the infrastructure of Al-Mahmoudly Camp, in order to transfer the camp to it, during the next few coming months, aiming to be near to Al-Tabqa city, then the provision of aid and services to the camp population will get easier.

SDF-Media Center.


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