Duyaa and Bahaa…twin that don’t have a share of their names

The proverb says: every man has a share of his name, except Duyaa and Bahaa, where destiny didn’t allow them to have the chance of their names meaning.

Duyaa and Bahaa Ali Al-Habash, 17 years old, are twins the destiny deprived them from sight gift, they didn’t have the gift of their names meaning that means: lightening and shining.

The twin belongs to a family that was displaced from Maskana town, in the eastern countryside of Aleppo, during the war, then the family reached Ain Issa Camp two years ago, north Raqqa city.

The family, which consists of 10 members in the camp that has thousands of the displaced people who suffered as a result of the difficult life conditions, from Dair Al-Zor, Raqqa, eastern countryside of Aleppo and Iraq.

The twin suffer from heredity sickness, they hold this disease since their birth date, it called ( lubrication of eyes and eyebrow laxity).where this lead eyes to have unconscious and unnatural movement and making a barrier in front of  sight and right seen..

The situation of both twins was diagnosed by specialized doctor in Damascus, the good thing is that they are remediable, however, the surgery costs 2500 $ for each case.

However, the worst thing is that the financial situation of the family and family disputation avoided it to make surgical operation for their twins, however, the humanitarian organizations didn’t make minimum effort _until now_ of funding or providing aid to this needy family.

The fate of thousands of patients in the displacement camps  and needy people remains unknown, waiting their destiny, until one organization mercy them.

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