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Entertainment and training activities in Al-Zahraa school

Raqqa_ Al-Zahraa school administration, in coordination with Education committee in Raqqa, organized training and entertaining activities in addition to performing many plays by the students of Al-Zahraa school in Raqqa city.

The activity started, in Al-Zahraa school, by standing a silent minute for martyrs soul, with the attendance of education committee, the educational office in the city and students families, then it was followed with doing some plays and training activities, that children expressed, through it, on their gratitude for their return to school, after  their deprive from education for many years, however, teachers participated in the play that performed by students.

Ayman Mustafa, The representative of Al-Zahraa school, emphasized on the big effort of the students which is represented in their ability in understanding what they receive from their teachers, he talked about the activity as following:” we did today entertaining and training activities for the students of our schools, the activities were made by the student efforts, that were supported by teachers, however, it was a great achievement by them.

Al-Mustafa directed a message to people, asking them to continue offering psychological support to their children to complete the multi-efforts (school- home),  producing distinguish students who are successful in their educational and studding life.

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