Graduating the 12th round of Self-Defense forces in Euphrates district

The academy of the Martyr Kandal, affiliated to Self-Defense forces in Euphrates district, graduated the 12th training round which was entitled “Jwan Haji Murad”, with holding ceremony.

However, commanders of Self-Defense, SDF commanders, some members of civil institutions and fighters families attended the ceremony.

Meanwhile, the ceremony started with performing military exhibition by the graduated members, then it was followed with many speeches, one of them represented the Self-Defense in Euphrates district, which was made by “Usmat Sheik Hasan” where he said:” we bless and congratulate your strong efforts in continuing and committing to your course that was full of information and constructive Ideas that aim to build democratic state that is careful of home property and martyrs gains.

However, Zeydan Al-Asi, the co-chair  of the Defense affairs of north and east of Syria, made a word where he said:” you, heroes, are fully prepared to join dignity field to maintain gains that would occur because of this strength, that we won’t use it to violate any side but to defend ourselves.”

Al-Asi Added: “many countries gathered its darkness groups to target the stability and safety of the region, supported by their mercenary and terrorist groups, all of that was to destroy the new democratic experience and people fraternity, especially that this democratic project threat their interest, so, hero fighters! it is you responsibility to protect the democratic experience and to defend your people and home.

SDF-Media Center.

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