Health committee launches a campaign for encountering polio

Raqqa_ Health committee, affiliated to Raqqa Civil Council, launched vaccination campaign against polio in Raqqa city and its countryside.

However, This campaign is a part of many vaccination campaigns that heath committee did in Raqqa City.

Ahmad Al-Ismael, the head of the heath committee in Raqqa civil council, talked about the campaign where he said:” The vaccination campaign started on Sunday, where it targets more than 60000 children, however the number of injected children until today are 45 thousand child, from the age of 1 year to 6 years”.

Al-Ismael mentioned that they prepared 60 mobile teams in the city neighborhoods and its countryside as well as a fixed center in saif Al-Dawla neighborhood in the city.

This campaign is the first one against polio in 2019.

SDF-Media Center.

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