Killing (4) terrorists and arresting (2) of them in Zeyban

On 10:00 am of yesterday, Saturday, a terrorist Group, belong to ISIS, raided on one of our fighters’ points, where SDF fighters were pointed, in Zeyban town in the countryside of Dair Al-Zor.

Heavy clash occurred between our fighters and members of the terrorist group, however, that led to the martyrhood of 2 fighters and 1 wounded, however, the terrorist (Fayad Abu Farwa) was killed during the following process.

SDF implemented a sweeping campaign, in the evening, to the region that witnessed the fight, however, we could check the existence of a hidden terrorist group, however, during the clashes with SDF, 3 terrorists were killed, while 2 foreign nationality members were arrested.

SDF-Media Center.

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