Offering condolences duty to the martyr (Muhamad Al-Twayrish) relatives.

Al-Tabqa_ Martyrs Families Institution, Some Civil Council’s members and commanders of SDF offered condolences to the martyr (Muhamad Al-Twayrish) relatives in Al-Mansoura town.

Ahmad Abu-Al-Reesh, the member of the co-chair of the Martyrs Families Institution, talked in the condolences about the martyrs and the sacrifices that they offered for getting freedom in order for our people to live with freedom, peace and goodness.

Abu Al-Reesh promised martyrs that he will follow the road that the took, the road of pride and freedom, however, we couldn’t build future of the society and live with dignity and freedom without our martyrs.

Martyrs relatives expressed their thanks and appreciation to Martyrs Families Institution and SDF as they stood beside them.

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