People Municipality in Til Abyad…getting up and construction within destruction

News Center…since the liberation of Til Abyad from ISIS terrorist organization and the establishment of Democratic Self-Administration, in til Abyad district and its countryside in June 2015, the people municipality in the center of the district, worked on rearranging the needed staff, administrates, technicians and labors, also, it worked on rearranging the services committees to serve the people of the city (water, electricity, phones, supplying, hygiene, mills and bakeries).\

 However, the municipality has worked, via these committeeson rehabilitating all the formal services institutions inside the city and its countryside since July of 2015,, moreover, it worked on rehabilitating the schools that were damaged as a result of the war operations based on the available resources despite the lack of the available machines to complete their services activities in a complete way.

The work of the municipality ,until the end of 2017, was repairing the sewage net system, painting work, repairing and maintaining 40 schools with cost of 12 million.

However, The municipality worked since its establishment on rehabilitating the water pumping net inside the city and its countryside, in addition to activating the fire station inside the municipality which included two fire stations truck.

The municipality worked on rehabilitating 3 phone centers in addition to activating the municipalities of ( Hamam Al-Turkmen, Sluk, Al-Bajlya and Ain Issa) it also rehabilitated the electricity station that was damaged because for the hostility actions , in addition to repairing the spring of Ain Al-Aroos.

However, the municipality of bakeries and mills, worked during this period, to activate 10 bakeries, 4 of them belong to the private sector, however, 3 mills were rehabilitated to meet the need of the people of Til Abyad district via providing flour.

The municipality started with planting trees campaign to return the life to the city after long  years of war, where it costed 1.5 million SY, in addition to painting the middle squares and side streets inside the city with the cost of 1 Million SY.

The other activities, that were implemented by the municipality, are repairing the buildings of communication assembly, culture center, youth association, election center and justice office with the total cost of 2.5 Million SY.

The municipality continue its projects and decorating the city during 2018, returning it what it was before the war, where dozens of millions SY have been spent so far to to complete the implementation of repairing main and sub-roads inside the city and the roads that link it with its suburbs, repairing and establishing gardens, organizing markets, supervising bakeries work, monitoring and controlling prices and organizing the provision of construction permits inside the district in coordination with Sluk and Ain Issa towns and the municipalities that are spread all over the district villages.

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