People Municipality launches a biggest project for sewage system in Raqqa

Raqqa_ the sewage institution, affiliated to People Municipality of Raqqa, worked on rehabilitating the sewage line of industrial neighborhood and Al-Mushlub neighborhoods, where it represented a real suffer and continues complaints source for people.

However, suffer returns as a result of the weak existed net in sub-streets, due to its oldness and because of the lockage in the houses water sewage and what it causes of lockage in houses levels and streets as well.

Muhanad Al-Hammad, the head of the Sewage center, emphasized that the cleaning process and its rehabilitation is continues, where he said:

“after many complaints by the population of Industrial neighborhood and Al-Mushlib neighborhood, we started with strong will the work in the main sewage line that has a length of  450 m, however, during the digging, we discovered a big lockage, we opened it and removed the old parts with new once, after finishing the cleaning of sewage, we will cover it again, moreover, we will rehabilitate searching rooms and cover the roof of the room and returning it to service.

It worth mentioning that most of the sewages in Raqqa suffer from repeated lockage and exposed to break, as a result of the battles that the city witnessed, however, most of them need to get replaced completely.

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