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People Municipality receives 8 tractors

Raqqa_ “The Local Administration and Municipalities” committee, affiliated to Raqqa Civil Council, offered 8 tractors (middle size) to people municipality in Raqqa.

Ahmad Al-Khudur, The co-chair of the Local Administration and Municipalities” committee, emphasized that the vehicles will be distributed to the municipalities that were just established ( Ratla, Tishreen, Al-Rashee, Al-Ukeershi, Al-Kalta, Al-Judydat, Al-Mazarea and  Al-Salhabyat).

“The Local Administration and Municipalities” committee in Raqqa Civil Council offered 8 middle size tractors to the people municipality in Raqqa.

However, those tractors will be allocated for cleaning process and other services that the area need, the mentioned locations will be provided with some water trucks and small Trex in order to cover the need of the municipalities

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