Rehabilitating 3 bridges of Al-Jurnya countryside

Al-Tabqa_ the people municipality in al-Jurnya region, in the countryside of Al-Tabqa, started working on rehabilitating 3 bridges on the way that link Raqqa and Al-Tabqa with Al-Jurnya, Manbij and north of Syria regions.

The work of rehabilitating the bridges has started since the beginning of the current month and will continue until the mid of next March.

The bridges are:

Nafila Bridge, nearby Al-Jurnya.

Two bridges of “Al-Hatut”, nearby Al-Mahmoudly village.

Hamad Al-Ahmad, The member of the co-chair of people municipality, mentioned that citizens had many problems in last period due to negligence and laziness regarding bridges maintenance.

He mentioned that these bridges represent active and important roads.

Al-Ahmad mentioned that rain and weather conditions played a role in making the work slow in these projects, so they started rehabilitating bridges to facilitate the transportation movement, adding that as soon as bridge get rehabilitated, they will start repairing other bridges in the countryside of al-Jurnya.

SDF-Media Center

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