HomemanshetSelf-Defense Forces set its 5th round of Al-Tabqa

Self-Defense Forces set its 5th round of Al-Tabqa

Al-Tabqa_ the academy of the martyr (Bashar Al-Juryba) set its 5th training round, entitled the martyr (Abdullah Al-Qurtaj).

The round contained 130 fighters from al-Tabqa city and its countryside, where it continued for 45 days, fighters will receive military training.

The opening ceremony was attended by Self-Defense Forces and some members of the Democratic Civil Administration, it started with standing a silent minute on martyrs soul.

Haqi Afrin, Al-Tabqa Defense Minister, made a speech, congratulating fighters and Al-Tabqa people for setting their round.

“Afrin” mentioned that Al-Baghoz battles represent the end of the terrorist organization in the region, pointing that youth joining to Self-Defense is an insurance for safety and stability of all the regions and protect them from the external threatening.

At the end, fighters performed the military swear to maintain the gains that they got as a favor of the martyrs blood.

Izz Al-Din Al-Ghadban, from Al-Tabqa, emphasized that he joined the round to defend home where he said: ” our home need men to defend it and protect it, and we as people and sons of this city, we have the priority to initiate and defend it.

Al-Ghadban raised an appeal to Al-Tabqa youth to join Self-Defense forces in order to to do their duties towards their city.

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