The academy of the martyr “Rizgar Amanos” is continuing military training

Raqqa_ the military academies are continuing raising the cultural and military level of the fighters In Raqqa, via joining the military forces to the training courses in order to raise their motivation and maintain the ethical principals to do their duties in many areas that they will be sorted to, in a complete way. It also works on developing the physical fitness and self-defense mechanism.

Rizgar Amanos is one of the military academies that contains many regiments with different specializations, one of them is The Martyr Ossama Regiment, for special forces, which contains 170 fighters from Raqqa and its countryside.

However, the training that fighters receive, contains: (body fitness, Military tactics and weapons training), the current training will continue about 30 days, extendable in case its needed.

Dildar Kobani, the military trainer, emphasized that the trainees have a high motivation to receive military training that they started in last few days, on the other hand, as trainers, they will provide all the needed instructions and experiences that they have in order to establish ready military forces that can engage and face all risks and challenges that a fighter may face.

Dildar Added that the military training includes learning the near martial art, hand tools of fighting, light and medium weapons and sniper shooting, in addition to trainings of developing the physical fitness of fighters as well as karate and martial art.

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