The clashes outcome in the war against terrorism

Our fighters launched a massive attack on ISIS terrorist organization, heavy clashes occurred as a result, where many terrorists were wounded and killed. Our fighters seized a big number of weapons and Ammo, this was coincided with the international coalition airstrike on terrorists’ locations.

meanwhile, The engineering military teams worked in demining mines, planted by terrorist members, in Al-Murshuda village, however, during the sweeping process, our forces discovered a big amount of ammo and many weapons as following: Klashinkov weapons:7, snipers weapons: 1, hunting rifle: 8, klashinkov bullets: 6, protecting masks from toxic gases: 6, mortar artillery (120 m): 2, the spying jet: 1, equipment jet: 3, SPG9 weapon: 1, B7 shells:2, Doshka bullets: 200 bullets, Barno weapons bullet: 140 thousand, big a mounts of Doshka bullets: 12:5, 14:5 and 23 M, many BKC bullets, many devices of  artillery (57)m, Klashinkov weapons: 40.

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