The clashes outcome in (the war against terrorism)

Our fighters launched a massive attack on ISIS terrorist organization, heavy clashes occurred as a result, many terrorists were killed, their number is not known yet, while the rest escaped. However, our forces urgently swept the area and controlled a big number of weapons and Ammo, while the military engineering team worked in demining the planted mines left by terrorists. This attack was coincided with the international coalition airstrike on the terrorists’ locations in addition to cutting military roads.

The clashes last outcome:

The seized weapons and ammo by our forces: Zagros weapons: 4, Shyar weapons:2, Kalashnikov weapons: 10, B7 shells: 5, Brno weapons: 5, night Durbin: 7, sensitive snipers weapon: 1, snipers weapons: 4, RBK weapons: 2, BKT weapons: 2, Doshka ammo boxes 14.5 m: 7 boxes, BKC bullets boxes (12.5m):30, Adort ammo boxes: 13, ammo boxes of big size weapons: 7, BKC bullets:3000, medicine warehouse:1, cemede warehouse: 1, BKC ammo:25 boxes, Kalashnikov ammo:12 boxes, Aspinjo rockets: 75, rocket shell: 13

The international coalition airstrike: 8 air shelling

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